Giu 13 2012

Location: La Villa, June 03, 2012 5:20am


“Yes, that’s what I said. Urgent meeting, don’t be late.” She quotes a few parts of her message. Kleine sits down on her armchair, then brings her fingertips together.

"The only time you call everyone is when you need to address a problem to the members, or when another family declares war against us." He walks closer and presses his palms on the surface of the desk. "I suspect the latter."

Usually she would only bring the head-chiefs of the different divisions. “At times like this, you need to tell your advisor first.”

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    Giovanno nods his head slightly, “Good morning to you too, boss.” And he closes the door. The morning hours were the...
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    Kleine turns her chair a little, just to see Giavanno head off to the doorway, “Until the meeting. The morning hours are...