Giu 13 2012

Location: La Villa, June 03, 2012 5:20am


She smiles a bit, “You’ve been busy. I didn’t want to burden you.” It was partly true. Ever since Giovanno took over the defence division, his work load multiplied to ten. Kleine knew it was already hard for him to take care of everyone’s messes as the family lawyer, as well as being her consigliere. 

The other reason was that she wanted everyone to be present when she decides on what to do, instead of giving out orders without any explanation.

Giovanno frowns. “You’re the boss, and I follow orders. It’s fine to worry about your subordinates, but if they’re not capable of doing their work then they aren’t capable of holding their title.” He sighs. “Besides, I agreed to taking these jobs. Don’t hesitate to tell me anything.” 

He pauses, “So, what’s the news?” He runs his hand through his hair, with his eyes darting at the right. Giovanno could spot the grey ball of fur sleeping peacefully. Peacefully. He subtly snorts.

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    Giovanno nods his head slightly, “Good morning to you too, boss.” And he closes the door. The morning hours were the...
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    Kleine turns her chair a little, just to see Giavanno head off to the doorway, “Until the meeting. The morning hours are...